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Best Out of Stress

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High school is a time many students experience, often filled with drama and many problems that can naturally cause stress and more. Most teenagers are unaware of how to relieve stress and the effects that stress could bring upon a student.

Stress is an inevitable problem among people, and it can affect a person’s mental and physical health. Mental stress can bring about symptoms such as being moody or frustrated, having low self-esteem and feeling overwhelmed. Physical stress can cause low energy, headaches, insomnia. Stress causes many negative symptoms to the body; however, there are solutions to managing stress.

According to WebMD, the first step to managing stress is to figure what is causing stress and why, along with finding an activity to unload the stress out. A person’s environment also plays a role in their stress factor. Messy rooms and disorganized papers often cause anxiety, and the solution is to clean and organize. A hobby that clears one’s mind, such as reading or running, is an easy solution to ease stress. Surrounding oneself with people that are not stressed is helpful since people often mimic actions and emotions from people in their life.

Stress can be very dangerous and bothersome, though it is hard to manage and deal with, there are many solutions. Resolutions that would relieve the body for a more successful and healthy future.

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