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Varsity Boys’ Water Polo Triumphs and Progresses into Season

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“Epic.” That’s the word junior set player Brandon Wong used to describe the varsity boys’ water polo team’s first win. On Sept. 16, the team defeated Roosevelt High School after going into triple overtime and ended with a score of 21-20. The varsity preseason record is currently at 1-4 and the team members continues their hard work to strengthen themselves for the fast approaching matches.

“Before, it was mostly about getting physically fit and being able to do the exercises. But now, it’s actually about the tactics, how to play smarter [and] how to be aggressive in a way where we can play to our strengths,” varsity captain Wesley Han said.

In the eyes of Head Coach Adrian Lopez, the team’s defense is a main attribution to victory.

“We are now reacting to the ball much quicker; our Moor style defense in constantly distrusting the offense [and] is putting us in contention to win games,” Lopez said.

On the other hand, having a scarce number of varsity players is holding the team back.

“The teams we play are well established schools with pools at their school, […] a summer league and usually […]a varsity with enough substitutes to have two varsity teams,” Lopez said.

With one player currently injured and one ineligible to play, the eight varsity players on the team play full out for all four quarters.

Regardless, the obstacle of not having a fully stacked lineup is not stopping the boys from maintaining their goals to improve offense, increase communication and execute shots during preseason.

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