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Seniors Selected as National Merit Finalists

After months of waiting, the finalists for the National Merit Scholarship have been announced. Seniors William Seto and Peter Wang  were selected out of over 15,000 semi-finalists  from around the country.

“I was really surprised when I found out. [Since it had been so long,] I had almost forgotten I was a semi-finalist,” said Wang.

Winners will receive money for their college education.  There are three types of scholarships—single-payment scholarships that are worth $2500, corporate-sponsored Merit Scholarship awards and college-sponsored Merit Scholarships.

The single payment scholarships are provided by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation’s (NMSC) funds, while the corporate and college-sponsored ones are provided for finalists who apply for and meet certain criteria.

Overall, winners of the Merit Scholarship will be able to look forward to some help with paying for college.

“Money is a big issue, and USC is my first choice. If I win, they will [be able to provide me] with half of the tuition. Even if I don’t win, some colleges will still be willing to help me a little just for being a semi-finalist,” said Seto.

The final stretch begins over the next few months as the NMSC starts sending notifications to winners from late February to June.

While Seto and Wang await the news, there is one thing that the two seniors agree on—what an honor it is to be chosen as a finalist.

“I’m pretty happy and really excited. My mom was surprised when she found out I won. Actually, she was elated,” said Wang

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