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Football Player Commits to University of Idaho


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In most high school sports movies, the star player of the team receives a full scholarship to college. For Senior football player Mitchell Crockom, this has become reality.

Crockom, wide receiver on the AHS varsity football team, has signed with the University of Idaho (UI) for an all expenses paid scholarship.

During the last school year, Crockom had 43 passes for 672 yards and nine touchdowns. Since then, many colleges, such as Wyoming and Eastern Michigan, have expressed interest in him.

“I had a couple of schools come junior year, like New Mexico. Idaho came later; they came to a football practice and we talked about it. They [asked questions] to see what kind of person I am [but] at the same time it was like me interviewing them, because that’s where I’ll be for the next four years,” said Crockom. “For now, I’m going to stay focused and keep my grades up. I’m going to spend time with my family and keep my head straight.”

Crockom and his father visited UI in December to see the campus and town. He also met with Robb Akey and Luther Carr, the football coaches at UI.

“It’s a small town. I liked that. This is exciting for me; it’s a big time opportunity, and I’m just excited about the whole thing,” said Crockom. “I’m going to be playing wide receiver when I get there. Coach Akey has coached all over the place [and he] settled at the University of Idaho. [For receivers], Carr is a good coach.”

Crockom’s family also supports his decision, and they  agree that his education comes first.

“I’m so proud of him. He’s a good kid and I love him. The whole family is just amazed and overwhelmed. I’m happy for him […] we all are,” said Darell Crockom, Mitchell’s father. “If he takes care of his [education] I know he’ll do well on the field.”

AHS’s faculty is also proud of his achievements.

“I wasn’t his coach, but I know he’s got untapped potential and he can play at the next level,” said Athletics Director Lou Torres. “The most important thing is he’s getting a college education.”

Crockom will be training with friends during the summer in order to prepare for college football. He also said that AHS has given him plenty of preparation for his football career.

After college, if he does not make it into the National Football League, Crockom plans to be a businessman.

“My teammates and friends Patrick Bruno, Joseph Becerra, Vai Peko, all of them are very supportive of me. They’re still cheering me on. [It’s thanks to] my team, my parents and my sister that I [have] gotten this far. They’ve been with me all the way […] it’s been a blessing to play with guys like that,” said Crockom. “[Before he retired], Coach [Gil] Ruedaflores always preached hard work and determination. If you take that mentality, you can do anything, not just play football.”

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