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Artists’ Anonymous Get Down with the 60’s

For the past months, the members of Artists’ Anonymous (AA) have been working on an exhibition influenced by 60’s styled visual art. Entitled “Kaleidoscope Eyes,” the collection consists of student-created artwork  inspired by the themes expressed in the late 1960’s and early 1970’s counter-culture movement.

Currently on display at the AHS library, the exhibit features vibrantly colored collages, psychedelic paintings and optical illusion art. The walls are adorned with posters and album covers representing the cultural sensibilities of the era.

“There’s a broad range […] of ideas to feed off of,” said AA President Brenda Chi. “We encouraged [the students] to use optical illusions and bright, vivid colors.”

In addition to work done by AA members, the Déjà Vu history club has also contributed a collage. The exhibit contains 60’s related paraphernalia donated by teachers and staff. Speech and Debate coach Kevin Tong loaned his Motown album covers to the exhibit while mathematics teacher Ron Matossian provided his “dirty biker” helmet.

The showcase will be open to all students at lunch or after school until Mar 26. A public reception is scheduled on Friday, Feb. 12 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. Students are encouraged to dress in 1960’s clothing and take part in the costume contest. A prize will be awarded to the person with the most authentic attire.

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